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Based on the following the Degrees are offered on the basis of the CPEACE Lamed Education.  Honoris Causa is offered  as per Christian Law on being invited on their Profile or being assessed via our classes. Anybody accepting the Christian Principles of Peace as said by the Lord Jesus Christ, under no other obligation is eligible for consideration for the title,subject to other requirements.Non-Christians may also apply if they are ready to accept and follow the Peace Principles of Christ as Christians do. The following are our legal Principles.

  • 1. We Are All Born Free and Equal
  • 2. Don’t Discriminate
  • 3. The Right to Life
  • 4. No Slavery
  • 5. No Torture
  • 6. You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go
  • 7. We’re All Equal Before the Law
  • 8. Your Human Rights Are Protected by Law
  • 9. No Unfair Detainment
  • 10. The Right to Trial
  • 11. We’re Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty
Cpeace Membership a must for this Honour

The BIBLE MEDICINE MINISTRIES’ INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN ARBITRATORS UNIVERSITY (BMMICAU) is an international peace organization , on the principle that EARTH IS OUR COUNTRY ,HUMANITY IS OUR RACE, having  Partnership status with the Indian Government (No.TN/2011/0044670) including consultative status with many United Nations Organizations  for “Choosing Wisdom Over Folly, Moving from War and Violence to Global Community"  as titled by  Douglas Mattern for his book. In 1995, the world governments approved the following UN Declaration:"We recognize that our common work will be more successful if it is supported by all concerned actors in the international community, including non-governmental organizations, multilateral financial institutions, regional organizations and all actors of civil society. We will welcome and facilitate such support, as appropriate ". The BMMI Christian Arbitrators University is a Division of BIBLE MEDICINE MINISTRIES, Chartered by  the CNT of FCNT ,,an Incorporated Non-Profit  CHURCH Organization ,    a State of  Oregon Incorporation ,Commerce Department Corporation Division, USA., FORMED FOR CPEACE ON THE FOOTSTEPS OF UPEACE  BY UNITED NATIONS CHARTER  UNDER UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY Res. No. 35/55/5/XII/1980 & BASED ON ECCLESIATICAL  MANDATE ex-legis   BY 25 Henry VIII, c. 21  ,  ex –deo  by the Bible’s  Rev. 1 : 6 ,  on the impact of the NATIONAL RELIGIOUS PARTNERSHIP FOR THE ENVIORNMENT ,OEC, 1991 , being an endorser of the Earth Charter 2007 ,  ETHICS BASED ON “ DOCTOR OF COSMIC LAW"REG. WITH RoC , L-33116/IX, DEPT. OF EDUCATION, HRD MINISTRY, GOV. OF INDIA , AS AN SBO  ITPS , GOV. OF INDIA NO. AABTB7957N  , Partnership Status with the Gov. of India – TN/0044670-XI, AFFILIATED TO GCPEA , USA,  Secretariat 350 5th Avenue, 34th Floor New York, NY 10118-3299. Also a member of CHARTER FOR COMPASSION COMMUNITY-31/VIII/11. , S.M. Number for BMMICAU is  2163700-u/c.41 from TMR, Gov. of India, Registered with the RoC, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resources, Gov. of India-L-50031/XIII , L-52087/XIII.,

 University is a non-denominational not-for-profit Religious School. BMMICA University is the official name of this religious organization and it is not-for-profit school. The school is wholly owned, controlled and operated by this University – a non-denominational Christian educational institution. BMMICA University offers no programs and grants no degrees or certificates other than those specifically designated as religious Degrees or programs. All these Degrees are called Lamed Degrees religiously and all topics / subjects /branches are CPEACE in nature. CPEACE is Christian Peace as said in the Bible.  This University is duly organized as a bona fide nonprofit organization in the State of Tamil Nadu, India.  Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the Emeritus Founder of the University as mentioned in the Registered document( 5/A-2 of 40/iv/2011). We believe that our course of study and resultant certificates and degrees represent solid and appropriate education for anyone called to study for the ministry, enhance their knowledge of the Bible, Christianity, Religion, and Apologetics, or learn about many more topics relevant to Christians today. Our programs are intended to prepare students for a variety of occupations and voluntary roles within the Christian faith. However, our degrees may not be accepted by all religious organizations and may not be suitable for employment in all settings but the knowledge earned would make anyone self –standing and spiritual entrepreneur such as Human Analyst  & Consultant etc.. Credits earned at this University may not be transferable to other institutions of higher education. It is the students’ responsibility to determine the suitability of a BMMICA University certificate or degree relative to their specific objectives (vocational, educational or otherwise).It is honoris causa in nature.

Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights describes the basic economic, social, and cultural rights of individuals and nations, including the right to: * free primary education, and accessible education at all levels * copyright, patent, and trademark protection for intellectual property.

It is only Education & Education alone. The People of India have to see what is in us and with us. We have a lot of things which we are not able to find as we lack knowledge. This Awareness is required in India . Also Recognition of the knowledge should also be immediately identified. We are proud of who we are. This is not required now instead we have to prove what we are! In USA this identification for those is readily available and the people there are encouraged to prove what they are. Here in India there are many Dr. Samuel Johnsons ! But they are not “Drs.” As such they are nowhere. Dr. Samuel Johnson did not even complete his graduation but became a Doctor of Laws. How?-He was identified in 1765 by Trinity College . Likewise Benjamin Franklin and many others. They were identified . Though they were not formally educated they could prove what they were and the equal status as Professors / Lecturers or any other title was offered without their being seen as who they are. Here we do speak and prattle on who we are. This is not at all important for our growth. What we are is important. The same status may be given to many Unknown/unidentified Professors here in India. If done many a person  would shine like anything! The UGC Rules should be flexible in this matter to encourage many colleges and many Private Universities.
To serve in the IPS / IAS one has to be elevated from the state cadre or pass the Civil Services Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission every year which is a common examination for selection to All India Services, including various other Group A and Group B services of Central Government.
As per Indian Constitution 2/3rd of the strength of every cadre is filled by direct IPS officers and rest 1/3rd is elevated from respective state cadre officers . Here in this particular field the Police Officers are identified . This is a welcome scenario. This has become by Indian Constitution. And the same way many people should come forward to elevate people by way of the same constitution ,for example by way of Article 26. Let Religious Leaders use their System of Education and everyone will start realizing things and all superstitious ideas will go away from sight. The only reason that many have not used this Article except for their four wall activities or for the Government aid. This is apart from Government Aid and Four Wall activity. It is a Public activity. Education encourages people to question and find what they are. But religious activities , which are only symbolic in sense , not properly understood by the people would lead them to be proud of who they are , not letting them to know what they are and to be identified through TITLES, though they were not formally titled. This certainly brings India to a height!
This may bring in an awareness among people. This is not only the duty of the Government. This is greatly to be carried out & on by the Christian Leaders of India. 

Ph.D (Cpeace ADRS as a Muti Option Program)
Ph.D ( Lamed/ CPeace Concilaition & Mediation)
Ph.D ( Cpeace Arbitration)
Ph.D ( Cpecae Mediation)
Ph.D ( Cosmic Law and Conciliation)
Ph.D ( Cosmic Law & ADRS)
CLD ( Doctor of Cosmic Law)
D. Litt  (Doctor of Cosmic Literature)
D.Hum (Doctor of Lamed Humanity)
LLD (Doctor of Laws)( Only for Law Professionals  )
D.Litt or Litt.D-(Cpeace Doctor of Letters)
D.Music-(Cpeace Doctor of Music)
D.Div. ( Cpeace Doctor of Divinity)

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